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Welcome to TALINI GOLDEN RETRIEVERS located in Tucson, Arizona in beautiful Tanque Verde Valley.  We are located a short 2 hour drive from Scottsdale or Phoenix, and about 6 hours from San Diego.  Most areas of Southern California are only a short 6 -7 hour drive.   Our lives were forever changed from the moment our magnificent little "Cali Girl" joined our family.  Our English Golden Retrievers are imported from Denmark, Hungary, Spain, and The Netherlands with many beautiful champions in their bloodlines.  Our dogs are very much a part of our family.  They live inside with us as much loved family members.  Beauty, Health & Temperament are of the utmost importance to us.  Although we don't just breed for color, we do prefer to breed the paler shades of cream

Golden Retrievers have the sweetest temperaments and have a heart of gold.  You will hear of them being described as English Creams, European Creams, European Retrievers, British White Retrievers, Platinum Blondes, and English Retrievers. The bottom line is that a Golden Retriever is a Golden Retriever.  They all originated from Scotland with some slight differences between the English style & the American Goldens.   All of our dogs are imported from Europe and considered "English Type Golden Retrievers". To understand where the term "English Golden Retriever" came from please read this article by Bev Brown by clicking on the following link:  Article by: Bev Brown
The  English-style Golden Retrievers are known for their extraordinary black pigment and dark eyes.  This combination with coat colors which range from any shade of cream to gold is stunning.  They typically have a lovely head piece, described as blocky, a wide back skull and thick muzzle, well angulated shoulders and rears.  Most importantly, they posses a true golden temperament, very laid-back and gentle.  English Golden Retrievers are the premier family pet having the "Lay At Your Feet" Personality, the Playfulness Of A Puppy, and the Loyalty that you expect from a Golden Retriever.  English or European Golden Retriever puppies remind us so much of fluffy, creamy white polar bear cubs. The name of our Affix was derived from Talini the polar bear cub that was born in the Detroit Zoo in 2004.

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 ♥ Hope x Kal Newborn Puppies ♥
Born July 25, 2015